I’m Shaun ( not Shawn or Sean, no, no, it’s Shaun spelled with a “U” )

In 2008, living in a small town in Newfoundland, Canada, I got my first Internet Marketing (IM) Gig working in my first company.

I had convinced a local BMW dealership to spend $1000 a month on Google Ads.

Fast forward, 6 months later, we spent $1276 on average a month and was selling a BMW every month.

I didn’t realize the business potential of IM up until this point and this was the spark that would ignite my career in IM.

Since then…I’ve gritted my way through 3 businesses, a decade of client work, and this year, on point to have a 6-figure consulting business.

I’m a bit of a geek, techie, and a marketer and I sell but I’m not a sales men.

The biggest realization for me in working with small business owners, like yourself, is that you have the knowledge and skills to change the world offline, but might be virtually invisible online.

I was also surprised by the conversations I’d have with business owners who worked with marketing agencies who had confused them for years with online tricks and talks of CTR’s, CPA’s, and Relevancy Scores…

Some clients had shared with me that they had spent upwards of over $100,000…with no traffic on their websites, no fans, sales, or results from working with these agencies.

So, after my experiences working with hundreds of clients, I realized that basically there are three ways that I’ve seen my clients succeed under my guidance in generating new customers online:

  • They Built a product launch strategy;
  • They built an audience, either an email list or on a platform;
  • They built a path to success for their customers with the knowledge they share;

What you can expect from me is an unyielding amount of support, and the truth, to be honest, sometimes the truth hurts, are you ready for that?

If you are, let’s talk.

If you wanna get new customers online, let’s connect here.